E400.4 High Efficiency 4 Channel Amplifier with CLEAN D technology

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E400.4 – Full range 4, 3 or 2 channel amplifier, 2 ohm stable, built in crossovers

D'Amore Engineering E-Series Amplifiers, powerful enough to drive the most demanding speakers with great sound quality at an amazing price. 

  • 4 AWG Power and Ground connectors
  • Extruded aluminum heatsinks
  • Full MOSFET design

CLEAN D = High efficiency Full Range Class D with filtering of all inputs and outputs for clean performance throughout the passband and all the way to clipping.  CLEAN D design also protects the vehicle’s sensitive electronic systems from EMI, the typical cause of check engine lights and other random bad behavior. 

  • 60 Watts X 4 continuous into 4 ohms 
  • 100 Watts X 4 continuous into 2 ohms
  • 200 Watts X 2 continuous into 4 ohms bridged 

Other specs in user manual below

User Manual 


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Purchased the 350.2, 400.4. Using the 400.4 on 2 satori mids (one per door) and 2-hertz coax in the dash. (All active with dsp) All the power and more. Time, doesnt matter. From a 3 hour drive, running the system full rip, the board doesnt get hot at all, not matter how long. The connections (pos/neg, speaker terminals) are super nice. Small footprint for the power. They look great if you are into that, and also, using my Umik, i see full band width (something many class D, dont/wont give you) and the price, is amazing for what you get. Time will tell on longevity, but atm, i have zero fear(s).
Happy listening all.
(Also, I am also using knu 4-guage, like the reviewer below, and it fit perfectly. Dont know whats going on there. But it fit perfectly for me)


I'm using it with 2 crescendo mezzo sq2 components in my front doors. I doubt anyone could tell this is a D class amplifier. Maaaybe there was a side by side comparison. I used to be a rockford fosgate guy but for the price, power and sound quality this can't be beat.

Nice Amp

Seems like a great amp but couldnt install it because my knuconceptz 4 gauge wire doesnt fit and I dont want to rewire my trunk to install it. Cant comment on performance but its a tiny but heavy amplifier. Sucks about the wiring part. Bummer


I have not had it installed yet. May be a couple of months before I actually get to use it.

Awesome lil amp couldnt ask for anything morell!!!

Don't normally write reviews but there wasn't to many for this and other D'Amore amps and I wanted to give them a try and tell people what I found and believe.... most of my online buying has alot to do with reviews, price, availability and shipping so this was kinda a long shot but I've known about D'Amore Engineering for some time and know and have heard good things about some of there other products and figured hell see if these amps are the same and what there all about. (and now I'm writting...lol) Honestly couldn't be any more satisfied tho, with what I got although time will really tell! So far I'm not seeing a problem with that tho. Glad I took that shot, bought this lil guy to replace a 200.4 that wasnt enough power for what I was after for my mid-bass speakers and two up front door speakers, now I have that extra punch I was after! Sounds damn good too especially for a class D amplifier, couldnt ask for anything more honestly doing everything I needed out of it.... and probably then some! After alot of back and forth between a couple other amps, I decided on this clean D E350.4 and extremely happy with my choice, so much so I wanted to tell others about what it was doing for me and hopefully reassure and encourage them. It was really a shot in the dark for me too but happy I did.... It's doing it's job just as it should and sounds amazing! Quite small which fit the bill perfectly as it's under one of my seats in my truck, so couldn't have something to big but wanted a full sized amp with the power and for the price hands down this was my choice and haven't had a problem one with it! Another kool thing navigating the site made it easy too review the specs and purchase, shipping time was what they said which was fine for me, received it sooner then I was told originally, (less then a week) which wasnt a bad thing by any means! I dont want to take anything anyway from my other amp cause it was a great amp too, just didnt have enough junk in its trunk for what I was after! You really don't know how much better an amp can sound until you actully hear it with your own ears...I'm no expert but very satisfied with my purchase so far, that I wouldn't mind giving there E750.1 bass amp a try as soon as I can afford one or two....lol If it's anything like this lil guy I'll be writing a review for it as well.... Thanks D'Amore Engineering keep bringing us quality products! Also please from a paying customer...don't start mass producing junk just cause your name gains more popularity, as so many other great companys have done in past years, it's a real shit deal for everybody when that happens!!! Thanks again for keepin the screwes banggin!!!

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