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E400.4 – Full range 4, 3 or 2 channel amplifier with CLEAN D technology, 2 ohm stable, built in crossovers

D'Amore Engineering E-Series Amplifiers, powerful enough to drive the most demanding speakers with great sound quality at an amazing price. 

  • 4 AWG Power and Ground connectors
  • Extruded aluminum heatsinks
  • Full MOSFET design

CLEAN D = High efficiency Full Range Class D with filtering of all inputs and outputs for clean performance throughout the passband and all the way to clipping.  CLEAN D design also protects the vehicle’s sensitive electronic systems from EMI, the typical cause of check engine lights and other random bad behavior. 

  • 60 Watts X 4 continuous into 4 ohms 
  • 100 Watts X 4 continuous into 2 ohms
  • 200 Watts X 2 continuous into 4 ohms bridged

Dimensions  9.3 x 5.3 x 1.9 inches 

Other specs in user manual below

*** SMD Hand Tool Not Included ***

User Manual 


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Gilbert Quiroz

Been into car Audio since the late 80's, I've tried em all ! I was a big time Orion Red Fanatic because I loved there power and clarity.
For years now I have been saying they dont make em like they used to - UNTIL I bought this D'Amore E400.4 !!! absolute surprise !
This little powerhouse is CLEAN !
Im gonna pick me up one of these D'Amore Big boys to replace my JL RD1000.
I couldnt be happier, OLD SCHOOL SQ back in town !

Curt Despaltro
Fantastic little amp!

Not only is the E400.4 a great sounding amp, it is small, efficient, and powerful. It is running Audiofrog GB25s in pillars and Blam tweeters in the sails.
I'm ordering 3 more D'Amore amps to re-power everything else. Well see how it scores this year!

James Ryan
Fantastic little amps

These are small but powerfull little amps, will be grabbing a few more soon.

Brian Owens
Awesome amps!

Bought 2 E400.4’s. One is running my front doors - Peerless NEO tweeters and Dayton RS180 mids. Using an Audiocontrol 2XS crossover. The second amp is running 6x9’s in the rear deck and a pair of One Audio 15” IB subs. These amps sound incredible and are strong amps weighing less than 4 lbs each. Glad I purchased these amps!!!

Greg Menard
(2) E400.4 and (1) E1500.1

I held off writing this review until my new speakers were tuned and the system dialed in. Honestly I am very happy with these amps, the price point and performance. Using the 4 channels in 3 channel mode for left and right duties. Quite as a church mouse, no turn on or turn off noise. The noise floor of the amps are also fantastic. My amp rack is almost complete waiting for my acrylic to arrive.

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