T600.4 600 Watt Class A/B 4, 3, or 2 channel operation with Mirror Image Technology

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Full Range and Beyond.  With the Class A dual (mirror image) input and voltage amplifier stages the T600.4 plays every frequency from 5Hz - 100kHz with 99.95% accuracy for amazingly lifelike and dynamic sound. The Class A/B current amplifier stage keeps the efficiency reasonable.   At 150 Watts X 4 continuous per channel the T600.4 is an outstanding full range power amplifier with ultra low noise and distortion for a crazy bi-amped front stage or traditional front and rear use.  It can also run in 3 channel mode for 2 + subwoofer setups, or center channels.  At up to 300 Watts X 2 continuous in dual mono mode and with its super high damping factor you can give your full range speakers everything they could ever want or use it as a high quality subwoofer amplifier that will put down over 600 Watts RMS to a dual 4 ohm (DVC) subwoofer. 

T600.4 Datasheet

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