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E750.1 – Mono Subwoofer amplifier with CLEAN D technology, 1 ohm stable, built in crossovers, remote subwoofer level control included

D'Amore Engineering E-Series Amplifiers, powerful enough to drive the most demanding speakers with great sound quality at an amazing price. 

  • 4 AWG Power and Ground connectors
  • Extruded aluminum heatsinks
  • Full MOSFET design

CLEAN D = High efficiency Full Range Class D with filtering of all inputs and outputs for clean performance throughout the passband and all the way to clipping.  CLEAN D design also protects the vehicle’s sensitive electronic systems from EMI, the typical cause of check engine lights and other random bad behavior. 

  • 300 Watts X 1  continuous into 4 ohms
  • 500 Watts X 1 continuous into 2 ohms
  • 750 Watts X 1 continuous into 1 ohms

Dimensions  12.1 x 5.3 x 1.9 inches

*** SMD Hand Tool Not Included ***


User Manual 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jacob Otool
E750.1 run with a 2 ohm 12" sub

By far the nicest amp I've ever owned. The amp is decently small but packed with goodies, and you can certainly feel it when you pick it up. As of now I've only done a quick ear tune but even with that it delivers a lot more power than I expected and the sound quality is great. Even maxed out I don't notice and voltage drop or head light flickering so seems to be pretty efficient.

Rick H.
Awesome products

Best value to performance of anything on the market!!!!

Michael O'Donnell
Clean D

3 750.1 powering 3 Memphis M610D2s in a custom sealed box. Had it Raptor lined to tighten it up and match my interior. Gotta break these subs in then I can let her rip. Best bang for the buck. Better than most anything in its class. Impressive.

Ross Melton
Can’t believe the performance-to-value....

The E-series of amps has to be amongst the biggest bargains in the market. I added the E750.1 to my truck as a direct replacement for a RF Power T750x1BD. On paper, as well as on the dyno, these 2 amps have very similar power output. As with the RF, the D’Amore puts out crazy numbers on the dynamic runs. That’s what I refer to as balls. Some amps have them, some don’t and then some have a huge honking pair! The RF and the D’Amore both fall into that last category. What has really impressed me about the D’Amore, is how much more realistically it provides that power, than my previous amp. Usually on sub amps, this isn’t that noticeable. But from the minute I swapped the D’Amore in for the RF, I’ve been blown away. With all of that said, the retail price on the D’Amore is over 30% less than the RF. The D’Amore also has MUCH better connectors, that will accept 4GA.

There’s literally nothing the E750.1 doesn’t have over my previous amp. To be perfectly transparent, I’m a dyed-in-the-will Rockford Fosgate fan. So, for me to bug-out over something else, is pretty rare. I think I may have a new brand.

Evan Field
Clean d amplifiers

Any and all D'amore amplifiers are incredible. I want the 1000.1 and the 250×2 because they do way over rated power and the sound quality is amazing

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