High Performance Audio Products

D'Amore Engineering, conceptualizes, invents, engineers, manufactures and distributes some of the best audio tools and audio equipment on the planet.  From the game changing SMD line of installation tools and Amplifier Dyno to the ultra high end D'Amore Engineering A-Series amplifiers, there is no equal.

US PATENT 9,313,596 B2

Along with Steve Meade of Steve Meade Designs, we invented the handheld amplifier gain setting tool and the technology behind it.  It was awarded a United States Patent in 2016.  The technology is currently used in our Distortion Detector tools : DD-1, and DD-1+ as well as the AD-1 Amplifier Dyno.

US PATENT 11,205,955

Current Averaging Amplifier. We have invented a technology that allows an amplifier to put out 5x the power that it takes in during loud musical passages. This allows 5X more power to be put into things like UTVs, ATVs, Boats, RVs, Golf Carts and motorcycles than any other audio company can offer. We have not started production of amplifiers with this technology yet. We are accepting offers for licensing or patent assignment. Send inquires to info@damoreenginering.com

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