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D'Amore Engineering was founded in southern California in 2011 by two audio / electrical engineers with a passion for quality products.  Frustrated by watching our hobby go to hell, we set out to save the world from bad audio equipment and bad tuning methods.  We've since sold over 20,000 DD-1 Distortion Detector tools and thousands of our other handheld tools to very happy customers.



Juan worked as a functional test technician for many years. First as a tester of flight simulators for a government contractor, later moving on to terrain safety systems for commercial helicopters.  Experience that embedded the belief of pride and quality in every aspect of product development and testing. Patented Inventor of the DD-1 handheld distortion detector.  When not deep in the lab in front of his giant computer screen he is out with family enjoying life and reading about one of many of his topics of interest.



Co-Founder, audio industry veteran and patented inventor.   Anthony studied Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University after retiring from the automotive industry where he was a master technician and post-secondary instructor.  His hobbies include playing with cars, Zwifting, and sharing his knowledge of audio electronics with whoever wants to listen. After his 2nd cup of coffee he designs amplifiers and audio related electronics for another brand he co-founded, D'Amore Engineering


If you need to ship something to us our address is:

D'Amore Engineering
1548 N Tech Blvd Ste 103
Gilbert, Az 85233

For ALL customer service or technical support inquiries, please email info@DamoreEngineering.com.

Our normal business hours are 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM Monday - Thursday PST.  

Watch Tony D'Amore's interview with Matt Schaeffer and Gary Bell from The Old Fashioned Car Audio Podcast.



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