HLC-2 Active High Level Converter

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Connect amplifiers to your factory radio

The typical purpose of the HLC-2 is to bridge the gap between factory audio systems and aftermarket audio amplifiers.  With it's ability to accept up to a 40V RMS BTL audio signal it is suitable for all situations.  

Small enough and efficient enough for any vehicle

The HLC-2 is the cleanest, smallest, and lightest active speaker level to RCA level converter.  Mounting it is as easy as using a couple of zip ties using the built in zip tie slots.  Small enough in size and power consumption for motorcycles, side by sides, golf carts, scooters and the like.  Just a little bigger than a deck of playing cards, and consumes 1.02 watts of power (80mA on 12.6V)


Big input and big clean output

HLC-2 can accept up to a 40V RMS BTL audio signal, and output up to 10V RMS single ended output signal with a super low output impedance of 100 ohms, and a THD+N level of less than 0.003%


Could also be used as a line driver or phase inverter

HLC-2 can output up to 10V RMS single ended output signal with a super low output impedance of 100 ohms.  This driving ability is so strong that even when driving 10 amplifiers it can output  9V RMS.   Just solder some female RCA ends to the high level input wires and you've got yourself a killer line-driver.  

Why would I want a phase inverter?  If you have a pair of identical half bridge amplifiers (Like our E series subwoofer amplifiers) you could bring the signal out of the pass through RCAs of the 1st amplifier and into the high level input of the HLC-2 (with female RCAs soldered to the high level inputs, polarity switched) and then use the output of the HLC-2 into the 2nd amplifier.  This would effectively "strap" them, or put them in series.

What is included?

  • The HLC-2
  • Owner's manual

About the Design

When you pick up the HLC-2, know that you are holding a precision piece of equipment.  If treated as such it should provide you with many years of reliable service.  Here are some of the features highlights and specs.

  • Military grade high speed power supply for low noise and wide input range.  Runs on 6V - 18V, no problem with 16V systems or cars with STOP/START
  • Audiophile grade Operational Amplifiers (op-amps)  Texas Instruments / Burr Brown op-amps for low noise and distortion
  • Military grade FR4 double layer (HLC-2) or quad layer (HLC-2X) circuit board.  
  • High Frequency filtering for removing Class D noise from factory radio output
  • Class A/B output


    • Operating voltage range        6 - 18 VDC
    • Freq Resp (gain min)              10 - 40,000 Hz +/- 0.3dB
    • Signal to Noise Ratio              >115dBA    20 -20kHz
    • THD+N 20Hz – 20,000Hz       <0.005%
    • THD+N 1 kHz, 4V RMS          <0.003%
    • Max Input Voltage                   40 V RMS BTL
    • Max Clean Output Voltage      >10 V RMS
    • Current Draw @12.6V HLC-2    80mA
    • Current Draw @12.6V HLC-2X  120mA
    • Crossovers (HLC-2X only)          12dB/Oct 60, 100, 150Hz
    • Output Impedance                    100 ohms
    • Power Indicator                         Blue LED
    • Dimensions, Inches                   4.10 x 2.19 x 0.80

    Owner's Manual (PDF)

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    Lee Burgess
    Fixed my problem

    This Hi to Low input level input converter did what my previous Rockford hi/low converter could not. It was the same install process with success when I powered it up instead of sending my E1000.1 into protect mode. Good work boys another quality product from DE...!

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