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The Impedance Meter / Signal Generator 

Some Uses:

  • •Obtain a driver's T/S Parameters*
  • •Determine speaker crossover set points
  • •Find tuning frequency of passive radiator
  • •Find tuning frequency of ported enclosure
  • •Find volume of sealed enclosure
  • •Locate rattles in vehicle
  • •Find crossover frequency of passive crossover networks
  • *When used with D'Amore Engineering software

Some Specs:

  • Precision AC Impedance meter, range = 0.01 ohms to 99 ohms
  • 10Hz to 20kHz pure sine tone generator
  • Pink Noise generator
  • Shipping Box 9 x 6 x 2 inches, 2 lbs


Owner's Manual (PDF)

Speaker Design Spreadsheet:

Speaker Design (Excel)

Training Videos:

Video 1 (Measuring Thiele/Small Parameters)
Video 2 (Measuring a Ported Enclosure)
Video 3 (Measuring a Sealed Enclosure and Calculating it's Internal Volume)
Video 4 (RCA Interconnect testing)


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