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Show them where you went to school. The D'Amore Engineering T-shirt, a lightweight, comfortable 52% Cotton, 48% Polyester jersey tee in grey.  Sizes M - 4XL  These are very soft and slightly stretchy.

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Jay Hernandez
I thought the T-shirt was going to be White

From the picture just being the White D’Amore Engineering logo, I assumed that the t-shirt was going to be white but it was a solid charcoal grey t-shirt. But the placement of the logo was perfect: a small logo on the front right chest and a big logo across the back!

Kyle Melton

Haven’t received item yet

St Paul Homebrewer
It's a T-shirt

Where to start, there's so many amazing features to this t-shirt it's hard to choose which one to lead off this review. I could start with the obvious; they totally nailed it with the correct number of holes for not only my head, but both arms as well as my torso. It's made of a material. It's a material that, so far, has done a great job of hiding my pasty skinny upper body from sight of those who might wonder if I'm sick or otherwise malnourished. Food does seem like something I should have more of, however I end up spending most of my money on high end car audio equipment and the tools to be sure it's all working optimally. One of the best features of this t-shirt is the instant street cred it gives me with other high end audio nerds. I'm sure that some day I'll be wearing this and somebody will not only notice it, but be so excited to have found a like-minded enthusiast that they'll come over and let it be known that I have won the day with my shirt. I would highly recommend you buy this shirt. It does everything you'd expect from a shirt and more. Only downside with my order is a asked for stickers to plaster over my toolbox, laptop, and anywhere else I can find, just in case I'm not wearing my shirt but want others to know how rad I am, alas a grand total of zero stickers showed up with my order, all I got was my shirt and my DD1+.

Billy Crouse
Amazing customer service

Ordered a shirt & told them that I ordered a vu-diy kit a few years ago when they didn't make the decals yet & they sent me those as well with my shirt.

Michael O'Donnell
T shirt

Comfy!! FYI it will shrink some when you wash it. I got a 3xl and after washing....fits perfect

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